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Arts and Culture
Working Group

The Arts, Culture, Development and Community Working Group (ACDC) works in collaboration with the programming team of City Cultural Events (CCE) and is dedicated to developing event specific recommendations and initiatives ensuring that youth have a voice and platform within Toronto’s cultural events.

This working group does not have a formal application process. If you are interested in joining, and/or have other questions, please email our ACDC Lead at

About Amrutha

Amrutha is a recent graduate from the Faculty of Health Sciences at Ontario Tech University. She has played an integral role in promoting equity and inclusivity at Ontario Tech through the various leadership roles she has held. Her recent role as the Vice President of the Ontario Tech Student Union has inspired her to pursue a career that focuses on advocating for marginalized populations. 

Amrutha Elanko Headshot .JPG

Amrutha Elanko
Arts and Culture Lead

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