Equity and Employment

Working Group

Join the Equity & Employment Working Group to fight the city's rising rate of youth unemployment, and improve access to jobs for marginalized youth.

This working group does not have a formal application process. If you have questions, email our Equity & Employment Lead at syed@thetyc.ca.

Ongoing Projects

The barriers limiting youth are clear, the lack of awareness and under-preparedness. Therefore, the goal of the working group is to address the limiting factors which we aim to do using the following projects.

Youth-Focused Employment Database

  • We aim to centralized database of city-wide employment opportunities to build awareness for the jobs currently available

Skills and Career Development Workshops

  • We will also create workshops to prepare youth in successfully secure work and plan for professional careers

Study the Impact of COVID-19

  • The coronavirus pandemic has affected many aspects of life and we aim to understand the specific of the impact of COVID on youth employment

Equity-Driven Employment Advocacy

  • By engaging stakeholders in marginalized communities, we aim to understand the impact of socio-economic based inequalities on youth employment

About Syed

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Syed Haider
Equity and Employment Lead
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Syed recently completed his undergraduate degree at University of Toronto where he studied Molecular Genetics. In addition to basic science research, he is very passionate about youth outreach and advocacy. As such, he has been actively involved in the Humber River-Black Creek community since immigrating to Canada. He has previously worked in various roles connecting youth with volunteer and employment opportunities in the city. Currently, he is currently leading a program to improve the educational outcomes of youth in marginalized communities. In this role, he designs and leads workshops to develop self-sufficiency in navigating the internet to find educational resources. In addition, he discusses career pathways and organizes open sessions with current professionals to provide youth with early exposure to their field of interest. As the Equity and Employment Lead, Syed will be building on his prior experiences to advocate for increasing employment opportunities for youth. He is looking forward to working with the cabinet to advocate for youth on a broader level.