Community Safety

Working Group

The Community Safety Working Group strives to create a safer Toronto by developing initiatives concerning policing and violence prevention.

Please apply to join this working group.

If you have any questions or concerns, email our Community Safety Lead at zenah@thetyc.ca.

Ongoing Projects

Addressing the Root Causes of Violence From a Youth Perspective

  • Advocate and support youth which touches upon topics of (but not limited to):

    • The systemic issues that are rooted within the police force​

    • Its effects on vulnerable and marginalized youth

    • Ways in which we can promote safety and resiliency within communities​​

Policy Recommendation Document

  • Compile the research that we've done over the past 2 terms at the CSWG to:

    • Make concrete recommendations for promoting the intersections of community safety and health within Toronto​

    • This would then be published on the TYC website and brought to city councillors later on in the term

Community Engagement Workshops

  • Holding workshops touching on different topics of:

    • Policymaking

    • Mental health training

    • Community building workshops

  • Centered around providing youth with network opportunities and creating safe spaces

Youth Talks Event​

  • Highlighting the positivity within communities and creating safe spaces for youth to speak to their experience of violence

Networking with Community Organizations and Grassroots

Toronto Police Board Attending TPS Trainings

  • Being involved in TPS training, holding deputations, and drafting recommendations

About Zenah

Zenah Hussun
Community Safety Lead
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Zenah is a third-year student at the University of Toronto studying Health Studies. As a Black Muslim Woman, she uses her lived experience to address the inequity issues that many youth across the GTA continue to face on a daily basis. Zenah strives to ensure that the voices of the unheard youth are heard in order to create solutions that will remove the barriers to youth prosperity.


Through addressing the roots of violence, the anti-black, and indigenous racism embedded within our systems, she plans to continue to engage in conversations with the youth regarding policing within diverse communities in hopes to create a safer Toronto.