Community Safety
Working Group

The Community Safety Working Group strives to create a safer Toronto by developing initiatives concerning policing and violence prevention.

Please apply to join this working group.

If you have any questions or concerns, email our Community Safety Lead at nour@thetyc.ca.

About Nour

Nour Elassiuty.jpg
Nour Elassiuty 
Community Safety Lead

Nour is a future public policy professional at Munk School who intends to bridge her non-profit and grassroots experiences to shape government policies affecting marginalized groups. She has been extensively involved in Refugee centered work, supports for trafficked women, and community safety initiatives. Nour’s lived experiences as an immigrant Muslim woman of colour and educational background in political science provided her with an understanding of the interactions between the multiple systems of oppression and their impacts on a wide array of groups. Through her education she studied carceral abolition and the negative impacts of the policing and prisons system on Black, Indigenous, and people of colour. Nour fundamentally believes that tackling community safety requires a holistic approach which understands the deep-seated roots of violence, systemic racism, policing, community services, mental health, and socio-economic conditions. She hopes to continue to elevate the voices of the most disenfranchised youth and prioritize their needs in city programs and policies.