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Identify 'N Impact Awards

The City of Toronto through the Toronto Youth Cabinet (TYC) will be holding our 25th Anniversary Gala and Identify 'N Impact Awards this year where we will honour the contributions that Black, Indigenous and equity deserving youth make to Toronto.

Our goal is to create a legacy within the city that celebrates Black and Indigenous youth and organizations dedicated to their empowerment and advancement, by encouraging collaboration where youth across the City have the opportunity to network across and build together in a safe space. This event will provide youth and their peers, community members and mentors the opportunity to commemorate their accomplishments in all facets of life. 


Let's celebrate the contributions youth play as advocates, visionaries, and agents of social change for communities throughout the City of Toronto!


Youth between the ages of 13 to 27, who either live, work or go to school in the City of Toronto are eligible to receive an award.


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We are looking to showcase 9 exemplary Black, Indigenous and equity-deserving youth and youth-centred organizations. These awards, hosted by the Toronto Youth Cabinet and the City of Toronto, include:

  • Building Community through Athletics

  • Building Community through the Arts

  • Building Community through Entrepreneurship

  • Building Community through Research, Science and Technology

  • Community Impact

  • Youth Advocacy

  • Equity and Diversity

  • Urban Health Promotion

  • Beyond Call of Duty 


What is the nominations deadline? 

We will continue to process nominations until the end of day 11:59 PM Friday, April 12. Submit your nominations early in case additional information is required to complete the process. 


What happens after I submit a nomination? 

Once submitted, a member of the Selection Panel will follow up with each nominee to confirm their nomination. This process can take up to two weeks. Incomplete nominations will be invalidated after March 29. 


How do nominators select the right category? 

We have provided a description of each category, however upon review of the submissions, the Selection Panel reserves the right to place strong nominees in the best suited category. Nominees who are moved from one category to another will be given the opportunity to consent and to provide additional information as required. 


When will recipients be notified? 

Selected honorees in all award categories will be notified no later than April 12th. They will be asked to confirm their approval of being publicly recognized and their attendance at the May 10th Awards Ceremony.


How to stay updated on the event? 

For regular updates on the TYC’s and the City of Toronto’s Identify ‘N Impact Awards and 25th Anniversary Gala you can be engaged through: 

• Twitter – @TOYouthCabinet

• Instagram – @TOYouthCabinet

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