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Working Group

The Housing Working Group is dedicated to educating youth on their rights and the best practices in relation to their roles as residents of the City of Toronto, as well as advocating for policies and initiatives which ensure that Toronto is an accessible and affordable city for all.


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About Fikayo
Fikayo Aderoju
Housing Lead

Fikayo is a multipotentialite that wears many hats: Son, Friend, Entrepreneur, Activist, Strategic Advisor, Host and Keynote Speaker. 

Fikayo is the Founder & Executive Director of Project Impacting Lives, an impactful nonprofit organisation, dedicated to making lives better through various projects such as caring for the homeless, scholarship funds, toy drives and distributing food to the community. Fikayo is a storyteller at heart, and has delivered compelling speeches at York University, McMaster University and The University of Toronto. In 2022, he became the youngest executive ever in the 25 year history of the Canadian Association of Urban Financial Professionals (CAUFP). He currently serves on the board of executives as the Director of Youth Engagement. Fikayo’s life mandate is to impact lives and inspire others to get out of their comfort zone and serve on a greater level in their communities, families and in the society. He truly loves equipping people to achieve their fullest potential. As a result of that passion, he served as a Peer Mentor at Vanier College,

Dean Student Ambassador at York University and TD Early Talent Ambassador, where he connected diverse group of students with fantastic opportunities and incredible experiences.

He has gathered over 1.5 million page views on LinkedIn and was recently awarded the Social Media Mogul Award at the 2022 Vanier Peer Mentor Awards Ceremony. 

He currently serves as the Head of Housing at the Toronto Youth Cabinet with a clear mandate of reducing the rate of youth homelessness in Toronto. 

He hopes to show people that regardless of who they are or where they are coming from, they can succeed and land their dream opportunity! 

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