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Working Group

The Newcomer Working Group is dedicated to encouraging the integration, civic participation, and success of newcomer youth in Toronto. 

 If you have any questions, please email and

About Naicey

Naicey Portus
Co-Newcomer Lead

Naicey is a grade 11 student at Ursula Franklin Academy looking to pursue public policy and economics post-secondary.
Naicey is passionate about volunteerism and has experience working with Members of Parliament across the city. She is an active member of her school community, maintaining leadership roles in 6 clubs while balancing her course load. As well, Naicey is an avid writer, working as the Editor-In-Chief at a youth led organization and self-publishing her blog, "Everything, Everything." As a first-generation immigrant from the Philippines, she knows first-hand of newcomer life in Toronto. Naicey is dedicated to fostering a city in which newcomer youth not only feel safe and welcomed, but encouraged to dream big!

About Edna

Edna Nortey
Co-Newcomer Lead

With a passion for equitable opportunities and innovation, Edna Naa Shormeh Nortey is an aspiring civil engineer currently completing her high school education at William Lyon Mackenzie CI. Beyond the classroom, she dedicates her time to various youth-led organizations, leadership initiatives, and programs that provide her with a deeper understanding of her community and how she can effect change. Edna’s commitment to inclusivity and equity has led her to serve as a Co-Lead for this term’s Newcomers Working Group. With dedication to both her studies and her community, Edna is excited to embark on her leadership journey and contribute to positive change in the city.

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