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Working Group

The Education Working Group works with Toronto’s school boards in order to amplify the voice of students and advocate for the issues that matter most to them.

If you have questions about the working group, please email the Education Lead at

About Ann

Ann Treesa Manoj
Education Lead

    Ann Treesa Manoj is an undergraduate student attending the University of Toronto pursuing a Bachelors of Science degree. Ann aims to promote creative expression, artistic freedom ,and an innovative educational platform for the City of Toronto youth. Having a passion for creating a just and unbiased community with plentiful opportunities for youth to grow their knowledge and expand their budding careers and network, she strives for a community that gives wings to the youth so that they may soar to achieve their goals and aspirations. Working with the city and its people, Ann hopes to invest in knowledge and  prepare our future generation for tomorrow, while also improving the mental health facilities and volunteer/career opportunities available for our adolescents. 

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