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Environment and Climate Action
Working Group

With its launch this term, the Environment and Climate Action working group strives to bridge the gap between policy decisions, community action, and youth engagement while empowers the next generation of climate leaders. The working group fosters an open and inclusive space for youth to raise awareness about issues in relation to the environment and climate change through events, dialogues, advocacy, and research activities such as policy briefs.

TYC Youth Talks - Enrichment in the Environment: City Climate

TYC Youth Talks - Enrichment in the Environment City Climate (1).png

 On Wednesday, March 29, 2023 from 6:00pm to 8:00pm at City Hall, youth individuals and youth organizations alike will come together to discuss the successes, failures, and opportunities from the previous five years of Toronto and its environment along with climate in regard to the lives of youth. Contribute to a conversation and submit comments and concerns to those appropriate (e.g., Environment & Climate Division, Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change, or Environment and Climate Change Canada). This event will be a roundtable meeting for youth to advocate and find solutions together. If you are, or someone you know is, a Toronto youth who has interest in the environment and climate, apply to attend via:

#FullFuture Campaign Project

Call for youth ages 13-24 who live, work, and/or go to school in Toronto to raise awareness for the message that due to the failures of older generations, the young will pay in full with their futures, rather than be able to have a "full future". This opportunity for Toronto Youth is to either exclaim stories of an ideal full future is or to encounter actions of a build towards a full future. #FullFuture takes shape in both a series of social media posts and youth engagement events, thus allows the youth of Toronto to collaborate in order to promote change or contribute in order to perform change. The Environment and Climate Action Working Group grants accessible opportunities for youth to reflect on what a Full Future is — a future full of life and absence of climate crises. With a Full Future in mind, youth then either preach ways of such or practice ways of such - if not both. This campaign brings youth to think: Why must my future suffer at the hands of elders and why must I combat the results of past generations? More importantly: What does a full future look like in the city of Toronto and how can I participate in a move toward fullest futurity of urban spaces?

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