Leadership Team

Andy Feng.png
Andy Feng
Digital Media Strategist
Jaiah Howe.JPG
Jaiah Howe
Director of Equity and Inclusion
Bemnet Teferi
Director of Organizational Development
Stephen Mensah
Executive Director
Beles Lezina
Director of Internal Affairs
Maryanna Diab.png
Maryanna Diab
Director of Stakeholder Engagement
Nada Dali.JPG
Nada Dali
Director of Policy and Advocacy
Zenah Website Picture.jpg
Zenah Hussun
Director of Council Relations
William Pham
Director of Public Relations
Nour Elassiuty.jpg
Nour Elassiuty
Community Safety Lead
Bailey Sargent
Housing Lead
Samantha Parker
Arts and Culture Lead
Anthony Di Nicolo.HEIC
Anthony Di Nicolo
Budget Lead
Vanessa Erhirhie.jpeg
Vanessa Erhirhie
Education Lead
Ryon Dalir.jpg
Ryon Dalir
Equity and Employment Lead
Shahithya Ravindran.jpg
Shahithya Ravindran
Urban Health Lead
Song Ting Shi
Newcomer Lead
Samir Janmohamed
Transit Lead