Working Group

The Transit Working Group aims to advocate for transit policies that meet the needs of youth and students in Toronto.

If you have questions about the working group, please email our Transit Lead at

About Samir

Samir Janmohamed
Transit Lead
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Samir came to Canada as an international student from Tanzania to pursue a degree in Economics and International Development Studies. His interests in policy and research drove him to pursuing courses in international migration and urbanization at the London School of Economics On his first trip on what was then the 196 York University Rocket, he realised the true diversity of the TTC’s ridership: Children and seniors, entrepreneurs and newcomers, all of them rely in the system daily. COVID-19 has only shown us the continued importance and need to improve access. Samir’s passion for public transport stems from an understanding of its importance in solving issues related to equity, access to services, housing and climate change. He is excited continue in this role within the TYC, working to ensure young people’s voices are heard as transit policy and projects are developed.