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TYC Report on Youth Perspectives on Safer Communities

Over the past two years our Community Safety Lead , Zenah Hussun, the Director of Stakeholder engagement, Bemnet Teferi, along with the Community Safety Working Group held 12 Consultations across the GTA. With over 200 youth participants, These sessions aimed to provide a safe space for those most vulnerable to violence, directly or indirectly, to share their experiences and possible solutions that must be acted upon within the City of Toronto. Workshops were centred around issues of Anti-black racism present in police systems, community policing flaws, and the detrimental impacts of gun violence on communities. The information and feedback have allowed us to create this report, and strengthen our support in the call to action from communities across the province after demanding the defunding of police, and investment into communities.

This report aims to highlight the voices who are often left out of the conversations were heard and those who were most affected by community violence were able to communicate directly to those who had the power. Additionally, this will be a guide for future action items to promote community safety and resiliency across the City of Toronto.

CSWG report - Zenah Hussun
Download PDF • 811KB

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