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The TYC Presents: A Community Art Project

By: Samantha Parker

Over the last two years, the Arts, Community Development and Culture (ACDC) Working Group has been pursuing a secret project. It started when our group decided we wanted to create a physical, permanent memory of the TYC somewhere near our meeting place at City Hall. The ACDC is so excited to announce a project that will bring together the entire TYC community: a large-scale mural in Toronto’s downtown core. Murals bring colour and vibrancy to communities. They tell stories and celebrate art and artists. And the ACDC’s mural project will be the definition of public art. Members of the general cabinet will help our working group choose the design of the mural and will have the opportunity to contribute to the painting process. Anyone who is interested can get involved. It does not matter if you have never held a paint brush before, art is for everyone! The final product will represent our values as an organization and celebrate the contributions of young people to Toronto’s vibrant arts and culture scene. It will be a piece that belongs not only to the TYC but all that walk by and view it.

A mural in East York, created by Amir Akbari & youth, in partnership with the East Scarborough Boys & Girls Club.

The ACDC Working Group writes to the TYC community and ask for two things. First, that you get excited about this project! While the painting stage will need to wait until the weather warms and the ground dries, the planning stage is underway. Second, we want you to spread the word. After our February Cabinet Meeting, we will be sending out a call for designs. We are looking for a young artist to design a mural that represents what youth and art mean to Toronto. So please, share the call with your network. If you have any questions about the project please contact the ACDC Working Group Lead, Samantha Parker at

In addition to being the TYC’s ACDC Lead, Samantha Parker is a 4th year University of Toronto student and life-long Toronto resident. As ACDC lead, she aims to bring the youth voice to the planning of cultural events and encourage more young Torontonians to engage with the city's programming in the future. Samantha can be reached at

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