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TYC Deputation on Anti-Black Racism at TCDSB Special Committee Meeting

Our Education Lead Stephen Mensah and another member the Education Working Group spoke at the TCDSB to their Board of Trustees and school leadership. We were supporting their Student Trustee’s motion on tackling anti-Black and anti-Indigenous racism.

Thankfully, with all of our efforts we were able to get the Trustees to commit to 19 out of 20 items in the motion that will surely have a huge impact on BIPOC students! Some include committing to;

  1. Mandatory bi-annual anti-racism training for all teachers and staff

  2. All TCDSB policies go through a race equity lens

  3. Review of the School Resource Officer (SRO) program (Police in schools) to determine if it’s met it’s mandate

  4. Review of the harmful practice of streaming through an equity lens

A step in the right direction for sure, that the TYC was influential in! Please watch Stephen’s Deputation here!

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