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Why Should Youth in Toronto be Involved in Politics?

By: Chelsea Samantha Corpuz

Youth involvement in politics is important because it ensures a better society and builds character. Involving youth in political causes prepares them for important decisions they will have to make in the future, such as voting for a new Prime Minister.

Toronto City Hall. Ensuring youth voices are heard in municipal politics and policy is vital to the future of the city.

First, getting involved in politics boosts a person's self-confidence and communication abilities. Opinion and advocacy are central to politics. As a result, youth who immerse themselves in the political world will be able to effectively share their thoughts and opinions not only in political discussions but also in their personal lives.

Second, by allowing youth voices to be heard, we can ensure a better society by promoting tolerance in our world. We can not only teach youth about social justice issues, but they can also teach us. Their perspective on society is critical if we are to improve it. For example, no one knows why so many Indigenous youth struggle with mental health issues better than Indigenous youth. There is no doubt that getting involved in politics has broadened my perspective on the world and helped me advocate for things that I believe in, such as assisting in the end of youth homelessness in Toronto. In conclusion, I want to help educate Canadian youth as well as further educate myself about the political system because it improves our advocacy skills and ensures a better future for us.

Samantha (she/her) is a Grade 10 student based in Toronto, Ontario. She is passionate about social justice, mental wellness and especially empowering the voice of youth. Samantha enjoys getting involved in her school board and volunteering for nonprofits such as The Neighbourhood Post and Ontario Clean Air Alliance. As this is her first year with the TYC, she strives to continue the conversations about ongoing social issues through her writing, leading workshops and encouraging involvement through social media.

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